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Easilabels Horticultural Database

Easilabels, boasts an extensive Plant Database featuring more than 20,000 plant records and a rich collection of 15,000 plant images, including varieties of tropical, agricultural, wild flowering plants, trees, aquatics and more.

The Plant Database stands as an add-on module, offering records that can be utilised as-is or tailored to suit your preferences. This invaluable resource is a surefire way to streamline the process of compiling a comprehensive plant database, providing both time and cost savings.

What our customers say


“We labelled our clematis in January using the new Easitill Labeling system and Floralabels and had sold them all based on our colour labels before any had even bloomed!”

Russells Garden Centre

Tim Jardine, Manager

“The best plant labels I’ve used, I wouldn’t think of getting them anywhere else. EasitillHorti have always provided a great service.”

Proctors Nurseries

Barry Proctor, Owner

“We never have any problems with your labels; easy to print, they don’t go brittle outside – they are exactly what we are looking for!”

Hart Canna

Cannifer Ltd

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